South Louisiana artist Tony Bernard was born and raised in the unique and culturally rich city of Lafayette. A true Cajun, Tony possess an engaging outlook on life that endears him to anyone fortunate enough to cross his path. His appreciation for Cajun culture and cuisine, in addition to his affinity for sports and outdoors is evident in the way Tony lives, works

Tony was in junior high when he discovered that he possessed a raw talent that he now recognizes to be a “ Gift from God.” With no professional training, armed solely with passion and determination, he developed an impeccable artistic ability that paved the way for a career in the world of art. Tony started in commercial art in 1983, and gained recognition for winning first place in a National Art Contest, which published his work in a nationwide magazine for artists. He then ventured into visual art in the early nineties and in the mid-nineties he began his working relationship with world-renowned artist George Rodrigue and remains in his employ today. Tony’s relationship with George has aided in his growth as an artist and George has become not only a friend but also a mentor throughout his career. As he cultivated his techniques using a variety of mediums, he became extremely proficient in pen and ink and pencil. However it is oils and acrylics on canvas that are his favorite way to express his artistic flare.

Since beginning his professional career, Tony has been commissioned to produce original art for local and regional festivals, professional athletic teams, and NASCAR and SEC sporting events. He has created lifelike wildlife pieces that have been entered in the Louisiana Duck Stamp Competition, placing 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd in the years 2003-2005 respectively. Tony was winner of the 2007-2008 Louisiana Duck Stamp Competition and is the winner of the 2014-2015 Louisiana Duck Stamp.

In addition to wildlife and sporting events, Tony is gaining respect and recognition as a portrait artist. His mesmerizing portrait of the legendary Johnny Cash has garnered a tremendous amount of admiration and always draws a crowd at the many art shows in which he participates. In 2008, Tony was commissioned to paint the official portrait of Governor Bobby Jindal that hangs in the Governor’s Mansion for the State of Louisiana.

Tony currently resides in Lafayette, Louisiana with his wife Roxie, and two adopted babies Charlie and Sophie. Tony is a proud PaPaw of Oliver son of Clint and Karin Marie.